5 Inch High Heel Womens Sexy Rockabilly Shoes Animal Print Mary Janes With Satin Bow Size: 7 Colors: Pink


Product Features

  • Choose from: Tan (Leopard), Pink (Leopard) or White (Zebra)
  • Animal Print Mary Janes Satin Bow
  • High Heel Peep Toe Pumps
  • Medium Width
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Pinup Clothing: Defining the Fashion Trend of the Forties and Fifties


Pinup Clothing: Defining the Fashion Trend of the Forties and FiftiesOne popular fashion trend of the 1950s is called pinup clothing. Mainly, the inspiration of wearing pin up dresses is the iconic photos seen on newsstand covers of each street corner. There is a huge sophistication and charm seen among the famous pin up models of the 1950s and 1940s such as Bettie Page. Most of Click to continue

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5 Most Important Photo Shoot Reminders for Successful Pinups


How pinups come out depends on the success of the photo shoot. The pin-up is the final product of all the hard work done during the photo shoot. The success of a pin-up photo shoot is your responsibility as it is the photographers. If you come to the photo shoot prepared, the photographer will simply click and click his camera until he has enough to choose from. If you come to the photo shoot unprepared, you and the photographer will both be stressed out.

Come Prepared for Pinups

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The Top 3 Most Famous Pinups of All Times


The golden era of pinups began in 1941 as soon as the United States actively participated in World War II. The sexy pictures of pin-up girls became a staple in almost every lonely soldier’s locker, barrack walls and noses of fighter planes. The United States military top brass, for the first time, unofficially authorized the shipment and distribution of magazines to the troops featuring pin-up girls. The photographs of pin-up girls increased the morale of the troops and reminded them they were fighting for their country’s pride. The Click to continue

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How Do I Get My Legs to Look Perfect for Pin-up Modeling?


To look perfect for pin-up modeling you need to have perfect legs. Perfect in the sense that your legs need to be toned enough to appear sexy and alluring. Pinup models show a lot of legs and it would be such a big turn off if your legs are not proportionate with your sexy body. Having a perfect pinup waist is not enough to achieve the look you want to project. Your legs define your sexiness as much as your waist of the over-all contours of your body.

Getting to Legs to Look Like Betty Grable Legs

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How Did Vargas Influence the Pinup of Modeling Style


Alberto Vargas was the most creative and popular pinup artist. He rose to prominence for his famous pin-ups featured in the Esquire magazine. American World War II troops adored the works of art of Alberto. His pinups were what made Esquire a much sought after magazine even in the war fields. His Varga Girls were so popular, American GIs hung their photos alongside that of their wives and moms.

How Different Were the Varga Girls

In one of his sorties to do a show Click to continue

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Fabulous Tips in Selecting the Perfect Halloween Costumes

Fabulous Tips in Selecting the Perfect Sexy Halloween Costumes

More and more sexy Halloween costumes are becoming popular for the past years. There are many kinds of costumes to choose from with pieces gaining popularity. If you are trying to find the best outfit that will suit both your personality and your taste, worry no more, as there are many choices to choose from. Whether you are purchasing from an online or retail store, you will be overwhelmed by the excellent options. There are many styles you can select from before you buy the right set of sexy costume.

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